Telehealth Consultations - Phone or Video-link


Phone & Video Consultations:

Telehealth consultations by phone or video link are routinely available.  Patients new to the practice may be suitable for a phone or video consultation.  The specialist who you have been referred to will advise if a phone/video consultation is appropriate. Usual charges apply and this is supported by the majority of Medical Insurance Companies including Southern Cross.

I’ve been travelling – can I attend my Medical Specialists Group Appointment?

As of 15/3/2020 you must have self-isolated for 14 days after entering New Zealand. You can not attend your medical appointment until the 14 days have past. Please advise us of your recent travel when making your appointment.

I think I may have Coronavirus, what should I do?

Symptoms of the Coronavirus are similar to a range of other respiratory illnesses such as flu and do not necessarily mean that you have Coronavirus. However, if you have fever or difficulty breathing, and have been:

  • to COVID-19 countries and areas of concern
  • in close contact with someone diagnosed with the novel coronavirus

Please call Healthline (for free) on 0800 611 116 immediately for advice. Interpreters are available 24/7.

  • Advise Medical Specialists Group by phone, do not attend your appointment until cleared to do so by the health authorities.